The Best Easter Flowers to Decorate and Gift

Easter Flowers brings together family and friends to celebrate rebirth and the coming of spring. Part of the holiday’s cherished traditions includes decorating homes with flowers that represent the season. When choosing Easter flower arrangements and plants, opt for pastels and spring varieties that convey the meaning of renewal and hope. This guide covers the top Easter flower picks for gifting, centerpieces, and other holiday decor.

Most Popular Easter Flowers and Their Meanings

Easter Flowers

Certain flowers have become mainstays of Easter traditions and decor over time. Whether displayed in the home, given as gifts, or used in floral displays at church, these classic blooms evoke the Easter spirit through their springtime beauty and uplifting symbolism.

Easter Lilies

Pure white Easter lilies bear trumpet-shaped blooms on tall, straight stems, with six incredible long-lasting flowers per stem on average. Available from local florists and supermarkets every Easter season, these statement flowers symbolize virtue, hope and life – fitting meanings for a holiday celebrating rebirth. Displays of cascading Easter lilies are especially popular for decorating churches and family dinner tables.


With their brightly colored, shapely flower heads blooming on straight, sturdy stems, tulips make fantastic additions to Easter flower arrangements. Red tulips convey a sense of love and attachment, while purple symbolizes royalty – similar to the sacred meaning of Easter. Tulips of any color represent spiritual awakening and renewal – appropriate for the start of spring. Include an assortment of tulips in your Easter decor or gift someone a potted tulip plant.


The yellow and white varieties of daffodils appearing everywhere in the springtime help celebrate Easter’s promise of new beginnings. Also known as Jonquils or Narcissus, daffodils signify rebirth and eternal life in flower language. Arranging yellow daffodils with pink tulips and white lilies mirrors the colors and meaning of Easter in a beautiful way. Plus, this hardy flower grows back year after year.


Hyacinths bloom in a variety of pinks, purples, blues and whites around Easter, brightening up gardens and arrangements with their intense fragrance and colors. Each stem produces abundant bell-shaped flowers. Beyond being lovely, hyacinths also represent the spiritual concept of constancy – an enduring faith and loyalty. Their refreshing spring scent and resurrection meaning make them ideal for Easter altar displays, centerpieces and gifts.


Widely referred to as “mums”, the chrysanthemum’s lush, full flowers come in yellow, white, red and other bright hues. Florists often use spider mums and daisy mums in Easter arrangements because they evoke cheer and longevity. That makes mums a thoughtful gift for celebrating enduring friendships and Jesus’ timeless message of spiritual renewal. For home decor, display potted mums or create mini arrangements as lovely table accents.

Best Uses for Easter FlowersEaster Flowers

Traditional Easter flowers enjoy their moment to shine across a variety of holiday displays, arrangements and gifting purposes. Here are some top ways to incorporate classic Easter blooms:

Church Altar Decorations

Easter lilies prominently adorn church altars and other spaces as symbols of Christ’s resurrection. Typically, lilies and hyacinths intermingle with roses, mums and flowering branches in grand altar arrangements and pedestal displays. Tulips often accent the altar as well in honor of their resurrection symbolism. Some churches also give away potted Easter lilies to attendees on Easter Sunday.


As the focal point of Easter dinner or brunch tables, floral centerpieces showcase spring’s beauty. For DIY arrangements, combine picked garden flowers like tulips and daffodils with store-bought blooms in a low bowl or basket. Top your creation with Easter eggs for a seasonal touch! For larger gatherings, order a professional centerpiece with dramatic Easter lilies and other classic flowers.

Easter Eggs

Incorporating flowers into Easter egg decor takes the tradition to the next level. Wire floral stems into bunny-shaped wire egg holders, or arrange blooms in flower pot eggs. Float single stems or mini bouquets in glass vases full of decorative Easter eggs for a stunning table or mantle display. This allows you to admire the eye-catching eggs and flowers together.

Easter Baskets

Nothing celebrates spring quite like an Easter flower bouquet poking out of a basket full of colorful eggs and other treats on the front porch or entry table. Instead of candy, fill a small basket with a flowering hyacinth or pretty potted plant as a gift for someone special. This serves as a beautiful surprise that lasts beyond the holiday while bringing the essence of Easter into their home.


For longer-lasting holiday enjoyment, plant Easter flowers outdoors in flower beds or containers. Choose hardy bulbs like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths that reliably return each year with proper care. Or fill planters with potted mums, lilies and other Easter favorites to display on porches, patios and balconies. This allows you to nurture the uplifting plants beyond the holiday.

Best Places to Buy Easter Flowers

When preparing to decorate your home or pick out the perfect Easter gifts and arrangements, these go-to destinations offer all your floral needs:

Local Florists

Support small businesses in your community by visiting local florists and flower shops to hand-select Easter blooms. Seasonal mainstays like lilies and tulips will stock the shelves. Or for a custom arrangement, describe your Easter color scheme and vase preferences, and let the florist create a one-of-a-kind display. Many local shops also carry flowering plants and blooming bulbs for planting.


Grocery store flower departments supply affordable stems and potted Easter plants every spring. Look for all the Easter favorites – lilies, mums, tulips and hyacinths – plus roses and other complementary flowers to DIY your own arrangements. Supermarkets also stock flowering bulbs and seeds for planting in your garden after the holiday is over.

Online Florists

For added convenience, order Easter flowers for delivery from online vendors such as 1-800-Flowers, FTD and Teleflora. Browse beautiful pre-made centerpieces and bouquets featuring classic Easter blooms. Or design a fully customized arrangement by choosing your own mix of flowers, vase types, ribbons and filler accents. Online ordering makes sending Easter flowers to loved ones easy too.

Farmer’s Markets

Swing by local farmer’s markets and farm stands to discover spring flowers straight from regional growers. Hand-tied bouquets of vibrant tulips, sweet hyacinths and other seasonal favorites offer fresh-picked beauty and fragrance. You may also find potted Easter plants, decorative vines and loose stems for DIY arranging. It’s a fun way to support local agriculture too!

Caring for Easter FlowersEaster Flowers

Extend the beauty of Easter flowers in your home or gifts by following proper care tips:

Cut Flowers

  • Recut stems diagonally every few days, removing any foliage below the water line
  • Change vase water every 1-2 days
  • Display away from direct sunlight and heating/AC vents
  • Consider adding floral food to water for nutrients

Potted Plants

  • Water when top inch of soil is dry; avoid overwatering
  • Place in bright, indirect light
  • Remove spent flowers to encourage new blooms
  • Transfer bulbs to garden after flowering

Proper hydration and ideal growing conditions will help your Easter flowers thrive!

Essential Takeaways

  • Choose classic spring flowers like lilies, tulips, hyacinths and daffodils to embrace Easter’s symbolic meanings.
  • Decorating with Easter flowers represents renewal and hope during the holiday.
  • Display Easter flowers in arrangements, centerpieces, Easter baskets, and as gifts.
  • Purchase blooms from local florists, flower shops, supermarkets or online.
  • Care for cut flowers and potted plants so they last.

This Easter, fill your home with floral decorations and gifts that spread the seasonal and spiritual beauty of the holiday. Utilize the langauge and meaning behind these classic flowers to create displays rich with symbolism. With their bright colors and uplifting messages, Easter blooms infuse celebrations of all kinds with a sense of joy and rebirth.

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